michael king artist

Seagull by Michael King

suzette fram

Orange Blossom Special by Suzette Fram

Sea to Sky by Reet Herder

Sea Nettle by Carol Whitlock

Storm II by Kathleen Menges

lana hart

Fern Forest by Lana Hart

bente hansen

High Noon by Bente Hansen

Hans Baarschers

Braving the Elements by Hans Baarschers

Catherine Sheppard

Smokin' by Catherine Sheppard

Joyce Trygg

Boot Bling by Joyce Trygg

Shirley Felgner

Three's Company by Shirley Felgner

marney-rose edge

Celebration by Marney-Rose Edge

audrey bakewell

The Market by Audrey Bakewell

elaine booth kallweit

Soaring North American Kestrel by Elaine Booth-Kallweit

wendy mould

Summer Roses by Wendy Mould

myrtle-anne rempel

Things I Love by Myrtle-Anne Rempel

nino dobro

Tribute to Brushes by Nino Dobro

janis eaglesham

Sweet Languor by Janis Eaglesham

heidi lambert

Ashleigh's Smile by Heidi Lambert

gabrielle greig

Pushed into a Corner by Gabrielle Greig

joann wichary

Can't You See I'm Busy by Jo-Ann Wichary

shirley thomas

Little Village by Shirley Thomas

Shirley Flegner

Heidrun's Orchid by Shirley Felgner


Our monthly meetings will now be at the MASONIC HALL, 20701 Fraser Highway, Langley, between 206th & 208th Street. (MAP)

About Us

Welcome to the Fraser Valley Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

This group is a collection of British Columbia’s Fraser Valley artists recognized by the FCA. The FCA is dedicated to the promotion and professional development of Canadian artists through education, exhibition and communication programs.



Saturday & Sunday, November 3 and 4, 2018
9:30 am to 4:30 pm

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